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title:Endoscopy in Time Can Be a Life Saver: Our Upper Endoscopy Results

Author:Mustafa Sit, Gulali Aktas, Edip E Y?lmaz

Keywords:Endoscopy, Gastritis, Malign tumors

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objectives: Endoscopy is the best diagnostic test for the diseases in upper digestive system. In addition to diagnosis, endoscopy is also useful in treatment of specific conditions. Methods: The patients admitted to Do?ubayaz?t state hospital’s endoscopy unit between 2008 January and 2011 July enrolled to the study. Endoscopy was performed with a GIF- XQ30 Olympus device. We assessed endoscopic findings of 3158 patients retrospectively. Results: A total of 3158 patients (1434 male and 1724 female) enrolled to the study. Gastritis was the most common diagnosis in our series. Patients with duodenal ulcer (mean age: 38,3+/-14,3 years) were younger than those with gastric ulcer (mean age: 48,4+/-15,8 years). Conclusions: Although gastritis, esophagitis and bile reflux, which are benign conditions, were common diagnosis in our series, endoscopy should not be delayed in symptomatic patients because, according to our findings, 2 or 3 of every 100 patients undergone endoscopic examination may have malign tumors in upper gastrointestinal system.

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