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title:Epidemic Investigation of an Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreak in Daslana Village of Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Author:Atul V Trivedi, Rohit V Ram, Keyur B Patel

Keywords:Acute gastroenteritis, epidemic investigation, outbreak.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Diarrhoeal diseases affect millions of people around the world and have greatest impact on children, especially those in developing countries. Diarrhoeal disease outbreaks are cause of major public health emergencies in India. We investigated such an outbreak of acute gastroenteritis in Daslana Village of Ahmedabad district, Gujarat, to identify etiological agent, source of transmission and propose control measures. Methodology: A cross sectional epidemiological study was carried out to find out the cases of acute gastroenteritis by house to house survey, and also inspected the sanitation and water supply. Results: There were 38 cases of acute gastroenteritis among total 220 peoples who were residing near brick production sites, overall attack rate was 17.27%. Infants and children of 1 to 12 years of age were highly affected, (25%) and (20.56%) respectively. Conclusion: The underlying cause for this outbreak of acute gastroenteritis was waterborne in nature and due to contamination of water with contributing factors of poor living condition.

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