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title:Pattern of Behavior Problems amongst the Urban Slum Dwellers Aged 6 to 18 Years

Author:Sandip S Jogdand, Jayshree D Naik

Keywords:Urban slum, Behavior problems, educational difficulties, antisocial problems

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: There are approximately 1 billion slum dwellers in the world, and projected to grow to 1.4 billion by the year 2020. Research demonstrates that children living in slums shoulder a disproportionate burden of disease compared to their adult counterparts, and the long term consequences of these childhood illness can be devastating – including permanent stunting, physical disability, behavioral problem and life?long impaired cognition. Objective: The present study intends to get a holistic picture of behavior perceived by parent or care taker of children as problem behavior and to throw light on the patterns of behavior problems amongst slum dwellers aged 6-18 years. Method and Material: Children in the age group of 6-18 years residing in the urban slum area, their parents interviewed with the help of predesigned, pretested proforma, the proforma was prepared after review of CBCL and ASEBA behavior checklist also consultation with clinical psychologist running own child guidance clinic at Miraj, Dist Sangli. Results: Our study reveals that prevalent behavior problem in children was educational difficulties; male preponderance was observed for educational difficulties antisocial problems and habit problems. Educational difficulties were observed amongst lower age group while antisocial problems were observed amongst higher age groups. Both were statistically significant. Conclusion: In present study the prevalence rate of behavior problem was observed was very high i.e. 49.67%. The educational difficulties and antisocial behavior problem were most commonly observed. It was found that psycho-somatic disorders and different type of eating disorders contributed the least.

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