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title:Study of Transmission of Tuberculous Infection among Children in Contact with Parents Having Tuberculosis

Author:Hiral H Shah, Halak J Vasavada, Bijal S Shah, Deepa A Banker, Kinnari Vala

Keywords:Contact, Tuberculosis, Parents, Infection

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The goal of tuberculosis (TB) control programs is to eliminate the disease by breaking the chain of transmission. Since open cases are rarely present in children, it is imperative that along with the treatment of adults, children coming in contact with the adults be screened simultaneously. This study was done know occurrence of TB infection among children in household contacts with parents having tuberculosis & identify the possible risk factors. Methods: 300 children under the age of 15 years who were in household contact with parents on anti tubercular treatment underwent tuberculin skin testing and ESR estimation. Transverse indurations of greater than 10 mm and ESR>40mm/hr were suggestive of tubercular infection. Risk factors such as age, nutritional status, SE status, BCG vaccination and anemia were studied. Results: 90(30%) out of 300 children were positive for the infection. The risk of transmission of infection is signifi-cantly higher if both the parents are affected (50%). The important risk factors for infection transmission were younger age, severe malnutrition, lower socio-economic status, absence of BCG vaccination and anemia (P value <0.05). Conclusion: The prevalence of tuberculosis infection among children in household contact with parents is higher than in the general population. Novel approaches for child contact screening and management that improves the implementation of the same needs to be further evaluated in national programmes.

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