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title:Socio-Demographic Profile and Suicidal Intent of Attempted Suicide Cases: A Hospital Based Study in West Bengal, India

Author:Subhadip Bharati, Sharmila Mallik, Pratyay Pratim Datta, asish Mukhopadhyay, Debalina Datta, Sahina Haq

Keywords:Suicidal intent score, attempted suicide.

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Suicide is one of the ten major causes of death in India.Suicidal intent score has been found to be a good predictorof a subsequent completed suicide. The present study was conducted to find out the socio-demographic profile and the suicidal intent score of the cases of attempted suicide as well asto determine the association of suicidal intent score with various factors. Methodology: We conducted the present hospital based observational cross sectional study at a rural hospital of Eastern India. 156 admitted caseswith history of self-poisoning were interviewed after obtaining the informed consent. Socio-demographic information and suicidal intent score were recorded and analyzed. Results: Total 55.1% patients were in the age group of below 20 years,69.2% were females,58.3% belonged to socioeconomic class V and17.3% patients were illiterate.43.6% were students and 28.8% housewives.17.3% patients had history of suicidal attempts in the past and in 23.1 % cases stress factor was present in the family. Suicidal intent score was medium in 63.5% patients, 10.3% patients had low score and 26.2% hadhigh score.Different factors like age of 20 years and above, male sex, married people, people having addiction habit, previous suicidal attempt,positive family history and stress factors in family increased the suicidal intent score whereas aged less than 20 years, female sex, unmarried people, people having no previous attempt of suicide, negative family history and absence of stress factor in the family decreased the suicidal intent score. Conclusion: The present study highlighted the influencing factors of suicidal intent score based on a hospital set up. A larger community based study with follow up of study subjects is required to get a detailed idea about the influencing factors of suicidal intent score.

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