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title:Shortage of Blood! Youths, The Trend Setters, Can They Help to Meet the Needs?

Author:Umakanth Siromani, Thasian T, Rita Isaac, Dolly Daniel, Selvaraj K G, Joy John Mammen, Sukesh Chandra Nair

Keywords:Voluntary blood donation, shortage, students' organizations

Type:Short Communication

Abstract:Need of Blood is very less as compare to potential blood donor population in India. Total population of India is 1190 million with a second largest in the world. The requirement of blood for the country is estimated to be 85 lakh to 1 crore units/year, whereas the available supply is only 74 lakh units/year. Blood has a very negative impact and considering as unfortunate even though it is life giving liquid to many. Awareness about blood donation is very limited among potential donors. A drastic strategy need to be adopted to educate community about importance of blood donation. Make them to realize that helping a needy not only by charity but by donating blood also. Student organizations should come forward to pledge to donate blood once or twice in a year that would help to meet the need in abundance. Students are the appropriate potential populations to recruit more blood donors to meet the needs comfortably.

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