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title:Ovarian Huge Serous Cystadenoma in Adolescent Girl: A Case Report

Author:Ilhan Ciftci, Tamer Sekmenli, Serdar Ugras

Keywords:Adolescent; Ovarian Cysts/diagnosis*; Cystadenoma, Serous/surgery; Ovarian Neoplasms/surgery; Ovarian cystadenoma

Type:Case report

Abstract:Ovarian cysts are an extremely common gynecological problem in adolescent. Majority of ovarian cysts are benign with few cases being malignant. Ovarian serous cystadenoma are rare in children. A 14-year-old presented with abdominal pain and severe abdominal distention. She underwent laparotomy and after surgical removal, the mass was found to be ovarian serous cystadenoma on histology. In conclusions, germ cell tumors the most important causes for the giant ovarian masses in children. Epithelial tumors should not be forgotten in the differential diagnosis.

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