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title:Clinical Profiles of Dengue Fever in a Teaching Hospital of Eastern India

Author:Sanjay Kumar Mandal, Jacky Ganguly, Koelina Sil, Sumanta Chatterjee, Kaushik Chatterjee, Pankaj Sarkar, Shatanik Hazra, Debasis Sardar

Keywords:Dengue fever; Lateral rectus palsy; Transaminitis

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Dengue fever is one of the most common arbo virus mediated outbreaks, being reported from different parts of the world. Dengue fever (DF), Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) and Dengue shock syndrome (DSS) are different modes of presentation of the disease. Now as the outbreaks are hitting different geographic locations, different clinical manifestations are more and more being reported recently. Our aim of this study is to document varied clinical manifestations of dengue patients in a tertiary care centre of eastern India. Materials and Methods: Total 74 MAC ELISA positive dengue patients are included in this observational study and analyzed. Results: Most common clinical feature was fever (100%) followed by headache (62.16%). Atypical features like transaminitis and different neurological manifestations were present in 83.83% and 11.11% cases respectively. Conclusion: One should aware of different atypical presentations of dengue fever to diagnose and intervene timely.

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