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title:Study of Hemoglobin in Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Diet in Obese Women with Risk of Cardiac Problem in Lucknow City

Author:Shyam Vinay Sharma, Sciddhartha Koonwar, Virendra Atam, Uma Singh, M L Patel

Keywords:Hemoglobin, Obesity, Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Hemoglobin level and pattern of food intake is closely associated with risk of cardiovascular diseases. The cardiovascular diseases are primarily may be due to altered lipid profile which is depend on type and pattern of food intake. Association of vegetarian and non-vegetarianisms in obese women is controversial. Method: The study was conducted on vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism obese female. A total of 55 subjects were enrolled (35 cases and 20 control) for the study. The Anthropometric measurements viz. height, weight, BMI and WHR, BP, were taken and hemoglobin level (Hg %) was assessed in vegetarian and non-vegetarianism obese women. Results: Our results showed that hemoglobin level (Hg %) in non-vegetarianism obese women was (12.35±1.083) high than vegetarian (9.036±1.002) obese women. The blood pressure systolic and diastolic was higher in the non-vegetarian obese women than vegetarians’ obese female. There were no significant difference was found in heart rate in both groups i.e. vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism obese female. The Blood pressure systolic and diastolic was (127.63± 20.16 and 79.23±10.78) and (128.71± 23.14 and 83.26±9.23) in Vegetarian Non-vegetarian respectively. Discussion: Thus Hemoglobin Level (Hg %) of non-vegetarianism were high in obese women than vegetarian. Due to Some nutrients intake, hemoglobin level was better in non-vegetarians than vegetarians.

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