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title:Variation in Ostium of Coronary Arteries

Author:B Prajapati, K Suthar, D Patil, A Udainia, C Bhatt, V Patel.

Keywords:Right Coronary artery, Left Coronary artery, Ostium, Aortic sinus, Sinotubular junction

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Left and right coronary arteries supply blood to the heart arising from ascending aorta. Any coronary artery disorder can have serious implications by reducing the flow of oxygen to heart, which may lead to a heart attack and possibly death. Certain coronary artery anomalies may indirectly affect the patient's prognosis. Therefore knowledge of coronary is necessary. Methodology: The 100 specimens were collected. These were fixed in 10% Formalin solution. Then Aorta was dissected to display the origins of the right, left coronary. The aortic root was split postreriorly to enable a clear view of the aortic sinuses with coronary ostium. Results: Left and right coronary arteries supply blood to the heart muscle. They arise from ascending aorta. . RCA arises from right anterior aortic sinus in all cases. Ostium of RCA was most commonly arising below sinotubular junction in 98(98%) specimens. We had observed location of ostia of Right and Left coronary artery present in Rt. Anterior aortic sinus and Lt. Anterior aortic sinus respectively 100%(100) in all specimens. Conclusion: Ostium of RCA was below sinotubular junction in 91(91%) specimens and above sinotubular junction was 9(9%) in case of RCA and was below sinotubular junction in 94(94%) specimens and above sinotubular junction was 6(6%) in case of LCA. If the Ostium are above the sinotubular junction, they remain open in both systole and diastole of the heart and coronary blood flows continuously. So coronary insufficiency is less and also may have good prognostic value.

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