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title:Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome

Author:Sasi Sekhar T V D, Satish P, Krishnaveni Vanapala, Anvesh Golla

Keywords:Hemiatrophy, Hemiparesis, Seizure

Type:Case report

Abstract:Dyke-Davidoff-Masson Syndrome (DDMS) is characterized by Seizures, facial asymmetry, contralateral hemiplegia and Mental Retardation. Characteristic Radiological features are Cerebral hemiatrophy with homolateral hypertrophy of skull and sinuses? We report a Case of DDMS in a 21yr old male who presented with Generalised Tonic Clonic Seizures, Hemiparesis of the left hand and leg with deformity of the left upper limb and left lower limb and also deviation of the mouth to left.

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