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title:Variations in The Morphological Appearance of the Coronoid Process of Human Mandible

Author:Vipul P Prajapati, Ojaswini Malukar, S K Nagar

Keywords:Coronoid process, Faciomaxillary surgery, Mandible

Type:Original Article

Abstract:The morphological appearance of the coronoid processes (processus condyloideus) of both sides of 120 dry adult human mandibles, 75 males and 45 females of Gujarat region origin, were studied in order to classify the variations. Three types were evident: 1. Triangular 2. Rounded and 3. Hook shaped. Triangular coronoid processes were found in 130 (54.17%) sides, rounded in 59 (24.58%), and Hook shaped in 51 (21.25%) sides. Triangular coronoid processes were found bilaterally in 108, Rounded in 46 and Hook shaped in 38 sides of mandibles. The incidence of the hook shaped type was almost equal in male and female mandibles; in the triangular type it was slightly more in the male mandibles and for the rounded type it was slightly more in the female mandibles. Coronoid process is an easily harvested bone that can be used for Faciomaxillary Surgeries.

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