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title:Intraoral Diversion in Chronic Parotid Fistula and Sialocele

Author:Bela J Prajapati, Nikhil D Patel, B K Kedia, Shweta S Khare, Dharmishtha B Patel, Janak C Prajapati

Keywords:Chronic parotid fistula, sialocele, intraoral diversion.

Type:Case report

Abstract:Trauma is the most common etiology for a parotid fistula and sialocele. Other causes include post parotidectomy, infections and malignancy. We report two cases of a chronic parotid fistula and a case of sialocele. Diagnosis was confirmed by fistulography and ultrasonography of the local part. The patients underwent a intraoral diversion of the fistula tract and closure of the cutaneous opening of fistula. No recurrence of the fistula has been reported in the three patients within 2-3 years of follow-up. Intraoral diversion of the fistula tract appears to be a promising treatment modality in our study.

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