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title:Study of Myocardial Involvement and Lactic Acid Production in Perinatal Asphyxia

Author:Asutosh P Chauhan, Piyush B Tailor, Prakash Bhabhor, Margeyi M Mehta, Rachit M Joshi

Keywords:perinatal asphyxia, Apgar score, CK-MB, LDH

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Purpose: A Study of newborn infants to evaluate extent of hypoxia from Apgar score and correlate it with biochemistry parameters & to evaluate the presence and extent of cardiac involvement in asphyxiated new born infants along with estimation of the extent of lactic acidosis in asphyxiated new born infants. Methods: A Study of 52 newborn infants, free from congenital heart diseases were included in the study. After their through clinical examination, they were subdivided into three groups according to their Apgar score. Blood was collected from a stasis free vein in plain bulb. Serum separated after centrifugation was used for estimation of CK-MB and LDH activity. Results: serum CK-MB levels in group II as compared to group I was significantly raised (P< 0.0001). Similarly the comparison of CK-MB between group II and group III and also between group I and group III was highly significant with a p value of <0.0001. Serum lactate levels were also significantly elevated in cases as compared with controls with a p value of <0.0001. Conclusions: Our study shows a clear relationship between clinical pattern of asphyxiated newborn infants and alterations of serum cardiac enzymes (CK-MB and LDH) and lactic acid production.

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