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title:Autopsy Study of Metopic Suture Incidence in Human Skulls in Western Rajasthan

Author:William F Masih, Sumit Gupta, P K Saraswat, S K Aggarwal

Keywords:Skull, Metopism , Metopic suture , Frontal bone

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Metopic suture which is placed between frontal bone and usually disappear during infancy and childhood, may persist from nasion to anterior angle of bregma, this is called metopism. Objective: To find the incidence of metopism in western Rajasthan and to compare it with other study in other parts of India and Abroad. Methodology: Present study was autopsy done on 200 dead bodies of all age group who were brought to J L N Medical college, Ajmer for autopsy during the period of 6 months. Vault was observed morphological for presence of metopism on both outer and inner side after removal of periosteum. Results: The incidence of metopism was 6.5% in all observed skull in this study. The incidence of metopism was observed more in child age group i.e. 100% in 0-5 years & 80% in 6-10 years as compare to the adults and old age groups i.e. 3.4% in 41-50 years. Conclusion: The presence of metopic suture simulates the fracture of frontal bone, therefore it should be properly ruled out in x-rays by radiologists and neurosurgeons.

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