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title:A Study on Motivation and Satisfaction of Employees in Corporate Hospitals in Kolkata, India

Author:Pratyay Pratim Datta, Debalina Datta

Keywords:Motivation, Satisfaction, Corporate hospital, Employee

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: Motivation and satisfaction of employees are the two key factors for the proper and adequate productivity of any organization. If these two factors are properly met then the employee can perform well. The present study was carried out to find out the motivational status of employees working in corporate hospitals in Kolkata; to determine the many drivers of motivations and to identify the level of satisfaction of employees. Materials and methods: The present cross sectional study was carried out in four corporate hospitals selected by simple random sampling technique. Total 100 technicians and 100 front office staffs were interviewed about their satisfaction level and status of motivation using pre-designed, pre-tested, closed ended schedule. After collection of data it was compiled, tabulated and analyzed using SPSS (16.0). Results: A significant higher proportion of front office staffs as compared to the technicians were overall satisfied as an employee in the organizations and satisfied with departmental technical tools also. Higher proportion of front office staffs as compared to technicians agreed that increments and incentives provided by the organizations, accidental compensation and medical benefit provided by the organization were sufficient and this difference of perception was also significant. Conclusion: Overall the front office staffs were more satisfied as employees in the organizations. The management authority should pay sufficient attention to improve the productivity of the organizations by arranging regular meeting with the employees and fulfilling their needs.

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