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title:Cytomegalovirus Retinitis in Patient Taking Ante-Retroviral Therapy in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Western India

Author:Chintan S Dalal, Akshay M Chaudhari, Pratixa Z Chaudhari, Pinkal Shah, Saurabh D Patel, Pratik Gandhi

Keywords:Cytomegalovirus, Retinitis, HIV, CD4 count

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Introduction: The spectrum of HIV-associated ophthalmic disease is very broad and ranges from adnexal disorders to posterior segment diseases. In spite of having a longer life span, those developing ocular morbidity due to CMV retinitis will have a poor quality of life due to blindness. This study was therefore conducted at our ART centre with the aim to observe changing trends in CMV retinitis patients compared to non CMV retinitis patients. Methodology: Demographic, clinical and ophthalmic findings of 100 patients were recorded. Visual Acuity, Anterior segment and fundus assessment were carried out for 200 eyes. After data collection patients were divided in to CMV retinitis (termed as ‘CMVR’ now onward) and without CMV retinitis (termed as ‘non CMVR’ now onward) group and compared. Results: Total 15 (15%), 8 bilateral and 7 unilateral cases were having CMV retinitis. Age and sex were not correlated with presence of CMV retinitis while CD4 was correlated. Lower CD4 patients groups had higher cases. Abnormal findings were more observed in CMVR group compared to non CMVR group and this difference found statistically significant except slit lamp finding in right eye. Conclusion: CMV retinitis rate is decreasing but it is considerable and presence of complication emphasizes need of regular ophthalmic screening of HIV positive persons.

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