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title:Plasma Viral Load, CD4 Count and HIV Associated Dementia

Author:Sunil Arora, Avinash A De Sousa

Keywords:HIV associated Dementia, Plasma viral load, CD4 count

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: Plasma viral load has proven valuable in predicting the future course of systemic HIV related disease and response to treatment. Aim: In this study we have aimed to correlate plasma viral load and CD4 count with Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) scores and HIV Dementia Scales in patients diagnosed with HIV associated dementia (HAD). Methodology: 69 subjects with HAD entered into the study and were assessed using MMSE and HIV Dementia Scale (HDS). Results: A negative correlation was ascertained between plasma viral load and MMSE scores. No significant correlations were found between the scores on HDS and either plasma viral load or CD4 count. Conclusions: This was one of the first studies on this issue from India and further studies in larger number of subjects are needed to form firm conclusions.

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