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title:Ovarian Mass with Bilateral Multiple Lung Nodules Simulating Metastasis: An Atypical Presentation of Tuberculosis

Author:Choudhury Sushmita, Patel Anand

Keywords:Tuberculosis, multiple nodular opacity, adnexal mass, metastatic lung nodules

Type:Case report

Abstract:Genital TB may present as an abdomino-pelvic mass mimicking ovarian malignancy because clinical and laboratory findings are similar but pulmonary tuberculosis presenting as multiple nodular opacity is very infrequent. Hereby we report a case of tuberculosis in a 53 year old lady, who presented to us with right adnexal mass with multiple different sized lung nodules suggestive of metastasis. According to best of our knowledge this type of case has not been published in standard english literature.

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