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title:Prospective Study of the Single Puncture Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation

Author:G Vaishnav, Jolly V, Divyesh P

Keywords:Laproscopic Tubal Ligation, prospective study, hematoma

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Objective: to evaluate the demographic data like, age,parity,living male,educational status , intra op . & post op. complications of the laparoscopic tubal ligation by single puncture method. Methods: A prospective study of Lap. TL done at medical college Baroda during 2008-2009. Total 1160 cases were enroled as per criteria.& lap TL done under sedation plus local anaesthesia, also done after 1st trimester MTP, interval & Puerperial period. Result : Most of the patients 79.57% were of the 21-30 yrs. 51.98 % were 2nd para while 33.97 % were 3rd Para.& only 1.55% were Primipara. 98.44% women had a 2 or more living children & only 1.56% had only one living child.97.24 % had 1 or more male child & only 2.76 % had no male child. 36.38% were uneducated while 45.43.% were educated upto high school level. & only 3.01% only were graduated. 8(0.69%) pt had perforation of uterus while 5(0.004%) had tubal transaction, 4(0.003%) had mesosalpinx hematoma & 1(0.0008%) required laparotomy. 36(0.03%) had a post operative pain which usually cured with analgesics. 11(0.0095%) had serous & blood discharge from wound, 4(0.003%) had wound gaping, 1 (0.0008%) had omental prolapsed. none had a peritonitis or bowel injury or laparotomy at later stage. It requires further study & follow up to comment on the failure rates.

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