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title:Study of Anaemia in Surat, Western India

Author:Parekh Alok, Parekh Malay, Vadasmiya Divyeshkumar

Keywords:Anemia, Adults, Prevalance, Screening

Type:Original Article

Abstract:Background: The distribution of social and biological risk factors makes the epidemiology of anaemia a real challenge. A cross-sectional study was conducted at Surat, Western India during 2009 to investigate the prevalence and predictors of anaemia among adults (> 18 years old). Results: Out of 129, 47(36.4%) adults had anaemia; 13 (10.1%); 27 (20.9%) and 7(5.4%) had mild, moderate and severe anaemia, respectively. In analyses, male vs. female gender (P = 0.2), age (< 50 yrs Vs ? 50 years) ( P = 0.6), rural vs. urban residency (P = 0.8), educational level < secondary level vs. ? secondary level ( P = 0.7) were not associated with anemia. Conclusion: There was a high prevalence of anaemia in this setting, anaemia affected adults regardless to their age, sex and educational level. Therefore, anaemia is needed to be screened for routinely and supplements have to be employed in this setting.

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