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Issue-3 (Jul-Sept 2021)
Relationship between Abdominal Circumference and Incidence of Hypotension during Cesarean Section under Spinal Anesthesia,2021;11(3):62-65

Author:Hiren B Anadani, Malti J Pandya, Divyang V Shah

Keywords:abdominal circumference, spinal anaesthesia, caesarean section, hypotension

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Carotid Doppler Screening in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Risk Factors,2021;11(3):66-69

Author:Nirav Sakariya, Ravi Patel, Vipul Srivastav, Anokhi Shah

Keywords:carotid intima?media thickness, type 2 diabetes mellitus

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Relationship between Pelvic Infection and Use of Intrauterine Device,2021;11(3):70-72

Author:Hulusi Goktug Gurer, Ceren Yildiz Eren, Ozlem Ozgur Gursoy

Keywords:Pelvic infection, IUD, Intrauterine device, contraception

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The Relationship between Gynecological Cancers and the Use of Contraceptive Method,2021;11(3):73-76

Author:Ceren Yildiz Eren, Hulusi Goktug Guler, Ozlem Ozgur Gursoy

Keywords:Gynecological Cancers, Contraceptive Method, OCS, IUD

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A Histomorphological Study of Placentas of Covid 19 Affected Patients at a State Covid Hospital,2021;11(3):77-80

Author:Aparna C, Srilakshmi A, Geetha Sree A, Nagaraja Bhargavi C, Khadeeja T, Baleswari G

Keywords:inter villous fibrin, inter villous hemorrhages, ghost villi, chorangiosis.

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Clinical Spectrum and Predictive Risk Factors for Infections in Children with Nephrotic Syndrome,2021;11(3):81-85

Author:Ajay D Sethi, Vasav D Desai, Mital M Gover

Keywords:nephrotic syndrome, major infection, glomerulopathy

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A Study on Correlation between HbA1C and Serum Lipid Profile among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus,2021;11(3):86-88

Author:Neha J Dutt, Mit J Panchani, Vandana K Dhangar, Vinod A Dangde

Keywords:Type 2 diabetes mellitus, HB1AC, lipid profile

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